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The Road to Genesis

The road to Genesis House is bleak. Before men get here, they experience some combination of addiction, illness, unemployment, homelessness, abuse, arrest, incarceration, broken relationships and forgotten dreams. Addiction, depression, despair and denial may be all that's left. Once they get to Genesis House, the journey to recovery can begin.

Cal came to Genesis House addicted to alcohol. Once, when he tried to stop drinking, his withdrawal symptoms were so severe that he was in the hospital for more than 40 days.

Keith came to Genesis House addicted to opiates. He was alienated from his family, unemployed and hopeless. If not for Genesis House, he would have had nowhere to go.

Our Genesis House counselors have helped Cal, Keith and many others find the courage to accept their addictions and to learn what it takes to recover. Now more mindful, responsible and resilient than they have ever been, both Cal and Keith have served as leaders and inspirations to others who need Genesis House.

Addiction, depression, despair and denial may be all that they have left.

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Last Updated: 1/2016



Only 27% of Genesis House clients were employed at the time of intake.  At discharge, that rate increased to 37%. Three months post discharge, the employment rate was 61%.



Twenty-six percent of our clients come to us with no place to call home.  At discharge, the homelessness rate dropped to 4% before falling to just over 1% three months later.



Three months after leaving Genesis House, 70% of clients with a history of mood-altering chemical use reported increased abstinence of drugs/alcohol since intake.