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Independence and Confidence

Lisa was scared. She was living with disabilities, caught up in an emotionally abusive relationship, moving from one motel to another. On the day Lisa told her abusive boyfriend that their relationship was over, her LSS advocate, Danielle, was waiting nearby. “I was scared he would try to follow me,” Lisa said. “I felt relieved that Danielle was behind me to make sure I was safe.”

It took a year of therapy, support and encouragement, but Lisa found the confidence to leave her relationship, move into a new apartment and start fresh. “Danielle is an understanding person,” Lisa added. “I’m glad I had her in my life. It took me a long time to be proud of myself.”

Sometimes, just a little help is needed. Amanda is a woman with disabilities who has lived in her hometown her whole life. She had very few connections or people that she thought of as “true friends.” She didn’t go out into the community, and no one ever knew how much she loved pickle ball – until she told us.

We found an open pickle ball league in the community. Its members welcomed Amanda. She began playing every week, accompanied by her LSS advocate. She developed friendships with other pickle ball players and learned to take public transportation to and from the league. Today, she no longer needs the support of her LSS advocate on the days she goes to play pickle ball; she has the support of an entire pickle ball community instead.

Jeanne was always told she could never live on her own. After years of living in a group home, she entered a program at LSS that helped her prepare for independent living. It took two years of intense skills training but she eventually realized her dream: she moved into her own apartment in February 2014. Jeanne is so happy. In addition to having a place of her own for the first time in her life, she has newfound pride, dignity and self worth.

It took a year of therapy, support and encouragement, but Lisa found the confidence to leave her relationship, move into a new apartment and start fresh.

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Last Updated:1/2016


Satisfaction Rate

One hundred percent of clients said that the services provided by LSS supported them to gain independence or remain independent in their community.


New Skill

Ninety-five percent of clients reported that LSS services provided them with an opportunity to learn a new skill.



One hundred percent of clients responded that they were treated with respect and dignity while receiving services from LSS last year.