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The main thing we had in common was that we both felt we were the worst people on earth. We felt we were a total disappointment to our families and had even considered suicide.  Our families did not want us to be together, which eventually led to us becoming homeless. We made some very bad choices.

LSS didn’t judge us for our past mistakes, but welcomed us and gave us a glimmer of hope that there could be a future for us. They helped us get part time jobs, a place to live, counseling to help with our relationship issues and coaching in decision making so that we don’t ever have to go back to jail again – an experience that neither of us want to repeat.

We have a lot to learn before we get it right, but we want to stay together, and with patience and help from LSS, we just might have a chance at a better life and a real future.

- A homeless couple, barely out of their teens

Doug used to live in a dilapidated trailer. You really couldn’t call it a home. No one would visit him there because it was falling apart. The front door wouldn’t close so he had to put a chair against it at night. There were holes in the floor and it was infested with rodents. It was so bad that he was afraid the toilet would fall through the floor. And, to make matters worse, Doug was in a wheelchair and had a difficult time getting around.

When we learned about Doug’s situation, our team was able to help him relocate to an apartment nearby. It’s safe, secure and handicap accessible. Doug is delighted with his new home and is grateful to have a front door that closes. The move has also expanded his world: he is so happy and proud of his surroundings and his family actually comes and visits him every week.

- LSS Individualized Community Supports Team in Eau Claire       

Everyone has strengths upon which to build. When we help people who are homeless, we don’t focus only on the problems or pathologies that may have contributed to their homelessness. Instead, we identify their strengths and build on those assets in a supportive, encouraging way. This helps our clients gain so much more than a home. They also gain feelings of competency and control over their own fate, stronger connections with families and others, and a solid sense of identity.

Our families did not want us to be together, which eventually led to us becoming homeless.

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Permanent Homes

One hundred percent of clients in the Welcome Home program for individuals dealing with poverty and homelessness exited the program to a permanent home and more income.



LSS helped 304 refugees from areas around the globe resettle in Wisconsin communities last year.


Children in Schools

Every child taking part in the Welcome Home program was enrolled in school.