Make a Donation to Lutheran Social Services

Matching Gifts

Many companies will match their employees' contributions to nonprofit organizations like LSS. In addition to gifts from current employees, many companies match the gifts of employees' spouses, retirees and surviving spouses of retirees. Check with your employer's human resources department to see if they have a matching gift program. It's an easy way to increase the impact of your gift.

Double Your Donation

In order to encourage charitable giving, companies will often match donations made by their employees, thereby doubling your gift to LSS. Some will even double-match your donation, tripling the impact of your original donation or will match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. For more information, contact Amanda Holland at 414-325-3019 or

How it Works

To give a matching gift to LSS, obtain a matching gift form and program guidelines from your HR office. Fill in the employee section of the form, sign it and send it to LSS along with your donation. If you've made your contribution online, simply complete the form and mail it to:

Lutheran Social Services
PO Box 88738
Milwaukee, WI 53288

We will complete the form and forward it to your employer's matching gifts office for processing.

Key Benefits

When a company offers matching contributions, the message it sends is: “I care about what you care about." A matching gift program benefits the cause, the employee, who feels supported, and the employer, who benefits from increased employee engagement.  For non-profit organizations, like LSS, studies have shown that matching gifts serve as an incentive in fundraising appeals and lead to increased donations.  For some employees, a matching gifts program is so attractive, it is viewed as part of a total compensation package.